The Odyssey of Azeroth

You, adventurer, have been chosen to walk one of five moving paths. All traveling in a single direction and yet are fragments independently. You may partake in one of four but to get to the other three you must be granted access by a primordial ancient. Only then will the path of destiny open before you, and only briefly. Just Long enough to see you on your way to your next chronicle. Can you bring back the magic of the land? Will you awaken the five Aspects? Are you going to be the champion of Azeroth?

Meet the characters!

“Fi” the Fey

Given her crappy start at life she’s really come quite far. She may look like a fragile beauty/bar maid but her barbaric strength can be revealed ever once in a blue moon. A tiefling ware-satyr lies behind her magic and a fierce one at that she’s one of the few to be time-split by greater powers. In one of her many adventures she opened a karaoke bar on the back of a hydra in the city of beasts and owned over 27 rescue cats turning her place into a cat sanctuary 

Cat names include: Doughnut, Orange Juice Simpson, Steve French, Meowfoy, Puck, Gary Lazereyes, and more!

Kay-the Last of Foxfei clan

Magic by blood and the only remaining member of the Foxfei family  Raised by an elderly mother in the middle of the woods until her passing. Now free to wander they look for the answer to many questions of life, like… “is this book talking to me?…”

The Rogue

A child of a secret Society, she spends her days completing task and fighting the ever growing darkness of the land. As a change-ling part changeling part ghostwise halfling she has many skills to put toward detective work. One day she will inherit a thrown that none want to own. 

Ashzara Intro campaign


The First and honestly my fav to DM. Currently taking players. Just Ask!


The great dessert and the greatest mountain

Isles of Marr (Naval campaign)


Yamishibai (Locked) Finally

Chuck "frigin" Finly ->

Local tavern master and self proclaimed “Everyday Hero” just ask him.seems to have worked with Fi longer than owning the  Moonbeam…

<- Queen Ashzara

Her Highness


Augwind-the Whole Hearted ->

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<- "Jade" the mage

Not to be confused for the legendary Jade Mage. just a drow raised by Panthers and hates people. A strong word for someone who rescues smuggled “slaves”.